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Personal Development & Leadership Coaching

Rachel Moore Coach

Choose to live an extraordinary life, because you can.

Personal Development & Leadership Coaching is about deepening your awareness of who you are, what you want, and developing the leadership qualities that mean you live a life of your chosen design.

If you ever look at your life and wonder if you are missing something then I can help you to discover the life you really want to live and how to get there by unlocking possibilities that till now you haven’t been able to.

In working with me you will have the opportunity to discover what you really want from life, uncover your true potential, let go of limiting beliefs, habits and patterns in your life that are holding you back. I will help you to develop the leadership skills that allow you to not only lead the life you want, but that inspire others to do the same.

With clients based in Europe, USA, Canada and London I work both in person and by Skype. To find out if we are a good match for each other why not connect with me for a no-obligation introductory conversation.

Go on, let’s get started, email me at or call USA (425) 677 3136. As your coach I will tell you the truth, even if it makes you uncomfortable. I will challenge you rather than please you. You will transform inside and create changes on the outside.

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International private coaching intensives

I am now taking on international clients for a bespoke 1 day private coaching intensive.

DEEP DIVE:  The Deep Dive is a bespoke coaching day guided by your desired outcomes and goals. It is for anyone who wants to jump start the change process and create fast results

BIG DREAMS AND SETTING THEMES: This intensive full-day of coaching is focused on all the blocks that prevent you from creating the life of your dreams. We start by completing a life audit designed to help you evaluate the life you say you want and the one you are living. We move on to uncovering those unconscious limits you have placed on your life. Through the process you will identify the beliefs that hold you back and those subtle (and not so subtle) behaviors that sabotage any attempts to live beyond your current unconsciously self imposed limits. By uncovering these fundamental foundations which may have been guiding your life thus far, we open up for the afternoon to allow a depth of dreaming that leads to true contentment, happiness and success.

Relationship Coaching

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I have developed a relationship coaching model for improving any relationship. I use it with established couples, couples planning to get married, singletons seeking lasting love and parents who want to they relate to their children better.

Understanding on a deeper level how you give and receive love, your preferences for how you spend your time, the values you have about money, in-laws and parenting, the ways in which you find intimacy satisfying, and your communication style are important. Equally important is knowing these things about the person you are choosing to love. When you and your partner develop a clearer understanding for one another, then you have the potential to create  relationship growth as a couple. A relationship without growth becomes stagnant and out of date quickly, choosing how it will develop puts a couple in control of the quality of their relationship.

However, the reality is that sometimes couples will come to coaching for help separating, and it can be the greatest gift they give to themselves and one another. It is often easy to view a successful relationship as one where people stay together. There are times when a relationship has been successful and loving for many years, but that for whatever reason, the relationship ceases to provide for the needs of the couple anymore. It is incredibly powerful to part in a respectful and caring manner; in effect, leaving the baggage in the therapy room! Separating with children involved has the potential to become an area for disagreement when if often need not be. Mediating how to keep the focus on the children and drafting a plan that feels right for all involved is another way helping everyone adjust in a thoughtful and caring manner.

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